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How to make a dora halloween pumpkin light?

This is a great dora pumpkin design, for kids, it's a great halloween gift!

Thanks to David and Hannah, I am shoving my face full of freshly cooked pumpkin seeds tonight.  For Family Home Evening (or in our case, Family Home “afternoon” since Hannah goes to bed so early) David carved a pumpkin while Hannah helped, and I wore Dallin.

Actually, Hannah mostly watched (since there were knives and cutting was involved) and said to David, “IT’S MY TURN!” no less than 75 times.

We’re so proud of our little ewe-I-never-touch-anything-dirty-or-sticky-or-messy child for actually sticking her hand into the mush of pumpkins guts.  She was on a serious mission to pick out the seeds and put them in another bowl for me.  This activity lasted about 30 seconds.  It’s really, really hard for a two year old to focus on something longer than that.

Being the bland-o-plain-Jane-mom that I am, I cut out one of the basic pictures in the Pumpkin Masters book of a happy Jack-o-lantern.  When David saw the picture I had prepared for them, he took one look at the lame-o picture and said, “That’s lame.  We need to do DORA!  Hannah would LOVE it.”

Oh boy, that was an understatement.

DORA IS LIKE OUR THIRD CHILD.  WE HAVE DORA EVERYTHING.  Dora yogurt, spoons, forks, shirts, backpack, and much more.  Several times throughout the day, you can hear Hannah asking to watch Dora, and if it’s not on, she’ll want to know exactly when it is on.  Our lives are in a constant circle of when the show is on, and when it will be on again.  DORA IS HANNAH’S BEST FRIEND.

David demonstrated his mad pumpkin carving skills, and a life-like Dora glowed through the pumpkin as we enjoyed the smell of the candle burning in it.  Hannah was beside herself screaming “DORA!  THE EXPLORE-HER!” as if we so obviously couldn’t tell who the ubiquitous face belonged to.

I guarantee more dancing and singing in the morning when Hannah realizes this Dora pumpkin slept overnight, in our house, on the kitchen table.  I’m not sure how we’ll get her to concentrate on eating breakfast with this fine centerpiece staring her down.

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