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The Legend of the Big Red Chicken – Dora the Explorer Episodes


The Legend of the Big Red Chicken

Dora reads Boots the legend of the Big Red Chicken who lives on the big red hill, after reading the story Dora and Boots decides to make their way to the big red hill to see the Big Red Chicken. First they have to go over the bridge, but the bridge is missing pieces, but with the help of Senior Tucan they are able to fix the bridge and continue on their way. Then they have to go thru the gate, but the gate is locked, they find the key they need only to have Swipper take the key and throw it into a pile of keys. But with our help they find the correct key and make it thru the gate. Once they make it to the big red hill they can't find the Big Red Chicken, but then they remember from their book that the Big Red Chicken loves to do the chicken dance so with our help they do the chicken dance and find teh Big Red Chicken.

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