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Dora the explorer Episodes season 1

Season 1 (2000–2001)

No. # Title Original air date Prod. code
1 1 "The Big Red Chicken" August 14, 2000 101
Dora and Boots venture to find the Big Red Chicken after reading a story about him to figure out if he's real. 
2 2 "Lost and Found" August 15, 2000 102
Dora and Boots need to reunite a baby blue bird with her mother. 
3 3 "Hic-Boom-Ohhh" August 16, 2000 103
The two set off to investigate the source of a funny sound. 
4 4 "Beaches" August 17, 2000 104
Dora and Boots decide go swimming at the beach. 
5 5 "We All Scream for Ice Cream" August 18, 2000 105
Dora and Boots need to go to Coney Island if they want ice cream. 
6 6 "Choo Choo" August 21, 2000 106
Dora and Boots help Azul the little blue train, to win a race. 
7 7 "Treasure Island" August 22, 2000 107
Dora and Boots find a key to a treasure chest, and with the Pirate Parrot's help, they search for the treasure chest. 
8 8 "Three Little Piggies" August 23, 2000 108
Dora and Boots locate the place of their stolen presents for three recently found piglets. 
9 9 "Big River" August 24, 2000 109
Boots accidentally loses one of his boots, and he and Dora must get it back before it vanishes in a waterfall. 
10 10 "Berry Hunt" August 25, 2000 110
Dora and Boots search for blueberries at Blueberry Hill…where the thief Swiper the Fox lives. 
11 11 "Wizzle Wishes" August 28, 2000 111
Dora and Boots help a Wizzle recover his lost wishes. 
12 12 "Grandma's House" August 29, 2000 112
Dora and Boots must bring a basket of food to Abuela. 
13 13 "Surprise!" August 30, 2000 113
Dora throws a birthday bash for Boots. 
14 14 "Sticky Tape" August 31, 2000 114
Dora and Boots need to get Benny tape after his balloon gets a hole. 
15 15 "Bouncing Ball" September 1, 2000 115
Dora and Boots chase after Boots' super bouncy ball, before it melts in a volcano. 
16 16 "Backpack" September 25, 2000 116
Dora tells the viewer about how she got Backpack. 
17 17 "Fish Out of Water" October 23, 2000 117
Dora and Boots help a baby fish, trapped in a tide pool, and help him get back home. 
18 18 "Bugga Bugga" October 10, 2000 118
Dora and Boots help Mother Bugga Bugga Bug get home with a cookie to feed her babies. 
19 19 "Little Star" January 22, 2001 119
Dora and Boots must put a star back into the sky after a runaway comet accidentally knocks her out. 
20 20 "Dora Saves the Prince" February 5, 2001 120
The two enter a storybook to rescue a prince, who is imprisoned in a tall tower by an evil witch who doesn't allow toys on her property. 
21 21 "El Coquí" May 2, 2001 121
Dora and Boots find a frog who is lost from his home and can't sing until he's there. 
22 22 "The Chocolate Tree" May 3, 2001 122
Dora and Boots seek the Chocolate Tree and a gift for Abuela. 
23 23 "Te Amo" October 1, 2001 123

An evil magician has turned the royal couple King Popo and Queen Maria into mountains, and Dora and Boots set out to reverse the spell.

Note: Swiper Did Not Appear In This Episode 

24 24 "Pablo's Flute" October 8, 2001 124
Dora and Boots set off to return a boy's magical flute and reverse a devastating drought. 
25 25 "To the Treehouse" May 4, 2001 125
Dora and Boots help their friends get to the treehouse for a party. 
26 26 "Call Me Mr. Riddles" October 15, 2001 126
Boots is confident he can solve the very silliest riddles when he and Dora are chosen to compete in a riddle contest at the Tall Mountain. 

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