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Dora The Explorer coloring sheets free

Dora and the Snow Princess, 5 pictures

the-snow-princess-spell Princess-Dora-Wallpaper-dora-the-explorer-nickjr-save

Dora-Saves-the-Snow-Princess_1 Dora-Saves-the-Snow-Princess_2 Dora and the Snow Princess wallpaper

Princess Dora Wallpapers, colorful

In previous post we published a princess dora coloring pages collection, below is a wallpapers of princess dora.

also princess games, example:

princess dora the explorer dora princess and tico prince dora the explorer princess wallpaper our princess dora princess-dora-picture dora princess wallpapers

maybe you will also like these:

Dora fairy princess wallpaper

Dora Saves The Prince Game

Prince Tico Coloring page with sample

Princess Dora Coloring pages printable

princess_dora-monkey-boots-king-coloring_pages-printable princess_dora-monkey-boots-king-coloring_pages-print

princess dora dancing on the grasses with monkey boots

princess_dora_coloring_pages-printable Dora-the-Explorer-princess-Monkey-Bars dora-princess-coloring-pages-with-boots-print dora-princess-coloring-page-print

Dora-the-Explorer-princess-Monkey-Bars dora-princess-coloring-page-print

Dora christmas cards, merry christmas dora cards printable

merry christmas dora cards printable collections:

dora-christmas-card-1 dora-christmas-card-2

dora-christmas-card-3 dora-christmas-card-4

when 2016 christmas coming on, you can print a dora christmas card and send to your friends, those lovely girls who also like dora the explorer and all cartoon roles.

Dora the explorer Diego Tractor Game

    Dora the explorer Diego Tractor Game


    Dora the explorer Diego Tractor Game is also a boy dress up game. Take as many garbage as you can to the end of each area.

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Go Diego Dress Up game

Go Diego Dress Up game


Go Diego Dress Up game is also a boy dress up game. Dress up Diego with cool dresses and he can play in the forest.He will go to find his best Dora for fun.

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‘Dora the Explorer’ Actress — Nickelodeon Lied to Me!

The little girl who voiced Dora on "Dora the Explorer" says she has audio proof that Nickelodeon bigwigs are lying to the press about why they fired her from the show … claiming the puberty excuse is pure BS.  


Nickelodeon claims they recently fired Caitlin Sanchez from "Dora" because "Caitlin's voice changed and she was no longer able to portray the Dora character."

But Caitlin's mom Hilda tells TMZ Nickelodeon's Vice President of Communications left her a voicemail in July, 2010 insisting the network wanted to continue using her daughter to voice Dora until 2012 … and never hinted about a problem with Caitlin's voice. 

In fact, in the recording, the exec tells Hilda, "We just wanted to reiterate to you … that we are very excited about continuing to work with Caitlin."

The message continues, "She’s the face and voice for the next, basically, two years … we have no plans of making that any different."

After she was let go, Caitlin filed a lawsuit against Nick — claiming they made her sign a bad deal in 2007, screwing her out of millions of dollars. Caitlin's mom believes Nick concocted the puberty excuse to "discredit" Caitlin's legal claims.

Sources connected to the dispute tell us, "Cailtin was notified on June 30 that she would no longer voice the character."

A rep for Nick tells us, "The conversation in question with the Nickelodeon press department was in specific reference to public and PR appearances. It was clearly not about portraying the voice of the character for the television show." 

The rep adds, "The Nickelodeon statement we released last week is unquestionably accurate."

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Dora the explorer voice over

How many do you know about the popular TV show "dora the exporer"?

dora the explorer voice over

She claims she's worth millions … but TMZ has learned the girl who voiced Dora on "Dora the Explorer" was paid roughly $300,000 for her three years on the show — the same rate she agreed to when she signed her original contract back in 2007. 

According to our spies inside Nickelodeon, Caitlin Sanchez raked in approximately $1,250 an hour for her work on the popular children's TV show — and still has untold amounts of cash in the pipeline from merchandise royalties and residuals from reruns.

But as we previously reported, 14-year-old Sanchez claims her salary just doesn't cut it — insisting she was unfairly pressured into accepting the deal and subsequently lost out on the millions she thinks she's worth. 

How much were you making at 14? 

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dora pony

Dora’s Pony Adventure Game

Dora's Pony Adventure Game


Dora wants to race in the big horse show, pick one of four ponies to race.Feed the pony so Dora can get ready to go for a ride. You can use the arrow keys and space bar to help pony during the race. Roll over apples to give the pony an energy boost for the homestretch. Collect as many horseshoes as possible to win a ribbon at the end of the race.
Play Dora's Pony Adventure at Baby Games!Dora's Pony Adventure is a very fun game!

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